House #A385


A refined atmosphere of a contemporary and cosy apartment with custom-made furniture and coverings converting each and every corner into functional dynamic spaces.








90 m²



House#A385 1


The concept is based on a single pass-through landing stretching out into the living area – previously these two areas had been divided. This solution has provided functionality, to an otherwise unused space, and a cosy atmosphere to enjoy before reaching the open floor plan living area.


Beyond the anteroom is a large open floor plan kitchen to the right, living and dining room to the left.


All the furnishings were custom-designed and made by Sicilian craftsmen. The white volumes of the custom-made built-in furniture are completed by the functional soaped oak niches, which this time have thickened sides with slatted back panels. Such niches are repeated in the two bathrooms which are coated with epoxy resin. One of them is green framing the-guest bathroom unit with a wide mirrored backdrop and the other is light blue with a raised mirrored cabinet in the ensuite bathroom. The black built-in kitchen unit breaks the rigidity of the design of the living room, proving a unique touch.

House#A385 2


The warm tones of soaped oak and grey epoxy resin accentuate the cosiness and elegance of the space, which is brightened by the addition of pure white. The coloured wall niches (green and light blue) stand out within the small bathrooms.

House#A385 6
House#A385 5
Pescato 3
House#A385 3


Attention to craftsmanship and detail distinguish the project as the constrained rooms could only be fully appreciated with masterful choice of detail and millimetric design.

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Edilsimone di Porpora Leonardo
CARPENTER : Wood Farm di Nunzio Bonaccorso
MATERIALS: Legno Rovere sapone / Laccato opaco bianco / Resina
FLOOR COVERING:  Berti Parquet / Resina HD Surface
FURNITURE COMPANIES: Fritz Hansen / Zanotta / Jacuzzi / Lema / Bora / Lago
SUPPLIERS: Longho Palermo / C.A.S.A.
PHOTO: Carlo Oriente©
LIGHTING : Artemide
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