studio didea is based in Palermo, and deals with architectural design and interior design, in residential and commercial sectors.

Our approach starts from the potential of the place of intevention, with an obsessive care for the choice of materials and finishes, for workers and work supervision, always in line with our customer’s requirements.

We carefully pay attention to the details and the elements of our final project that will be perfect to start the work.

Lo Studio 4
Emanuela Di Gaetano | Architect Founder
Lo Studio 3
Giuseppe De Lisi | Architect Founder
Lo Studio 1
Nicola Giuseppe Andò | Architect Founder
Lo Studio 5
Alfonso Riccio | Architect Founder
Lo Studio 2
Maristella Galia | Associate Architect 
Lo Studio
Roberto Lombino | Architect
Lo Studio 6
Agnese Abbaleo | Architect


Lucia Bosso BasedArchitecture
Antonio Gualniera | Structurist Engineer
Francesco Sanfratello | System Engineer
Gabriele Lo Cacciato | Structurist Engineer
Alberto Barone | System Engineer
Francesco Piparo | Chef Consultant

“our jobs is to give to the customer not what he wants or wanted, but what he had never dreamed”

 Denys Lasdun