studio didea, with offices in Palermo and Malta, specializes in architectural design and interior design in the residential, F&B, retail, office, and hospitality sectors.

Our creative approach begins with compelling concepts that reveal the potential of spaces, guiding us towards the final project. This process includes meticulous material selection, detailed definition of execution plans, targeted choice of top-tier companies and craftsmen, while maintaining a constant dialogue with clients’ needs.

We aim to create tangible spaces where light, shadow, proportion, and functionality harmonize, enabling people to live in symbiosis with nature and history. We promote a culture of sustainable living, where sustainability is fundamental.

We envision a future where architecture melds harmoniously with the environment, preserving natural heritage. We reflect Mediterranean architecture, utilizing local materials, natural ventilation, internal courtyards, and panoramic terraces.

Our future architecture integrates innovative technologies, eco-friendly materials, and energy-efficient solutions to create spaces that respect and enhance the environment.

Lo Studio 4
Emanuela Di Gaetano | Co Founder & CEO
Lo Studio 3
Giuseppe De Lisi | Co Founder & CFO
Lo Studio 1
Nicola  Andò | Co Founder & Creative Director
Lo Studio 5
Alfonso Riccio | Co Founder & Site Manager
Lo Studio 2
Maristella Galia | Architect & Sales Manager
Lo Studio 6
Agnese Abbaleo | Architect & Project Manager


Giulia Raspanti | Architect
Miriam Balsano | Architect
Olga Cannizzaro | Architect
Giulia Baiamonte | Architect
Roberta Coppola | Architect
Vincenzo Faddetta | Architect

Luca Rinaudo | Dr. Architect
Simone Ventura | Designer

Arianna Montana Lampo | Intern
Martin Stypinsky Persson | Intern
Zehra Tamtaş | Intern
Zehra Pınar Aydin | Intern


Antonio Gualniera Structurist Engineer
Giorgio Cerniglia | Structurist Engineer
Francesco Sanfratello | System Engineer
Roberta Andò | Administrative Consultant
Alberto Barone | System Engineer
Francesco Piparo | Chef Consultant

“our jobs is to give to the customer not what he wants or wanted, but what he had never dreamed”

 Denys Lasdun