Casa #A378


The project concept begins with the identification of a circumnavigable central volume that incorporates the two pillars, becoming the defining element of the apartment. It contains various functions within it and establishes a transitional space for the sleeping area








120 m²



Casa #A378 24


A volume clad in chocolate oak slats, in fact, is partially openable from the outside with containment doors, partially emptied with open shelves, partially grated to accommodate heating elements. In addition to this, it houses the box for the sliding glass panels of the door that separates the living area from the kitchen. Finally, along its perimeter, the volume conceals two doors that provide access to its interior.


The same architectural language is echoed in other artisanal elements that characterize the space, albeit with different materials.

Casa #A378 25
Casa #A378 16
Casa #A378 20
Casa #A378 8


The kitchen wall consists of a volume in white lacquered Malè wood, which is emptied around the island through the insertion of black elements, just as it happens in the central volume

Casa #A378 1


The warm tones of chocolate oak, Billiemi marble, and beige resin in contrast to the purity of white enhance the natural brightness of the property, making it simultaneously welcoming.

Casa #A378
Gervasi Arredi 9
House#A385 5


The sought-after atmosphere is that of a contemporary and welcoming apartment, which, through the tailoring of design elements, enhances the strong identity of the context.

Lipari Consulting Alcamo (TP)

house #A378

Company construction: M.B. Lavori Edili S.r.l.
Carpenter: Bonaccorso Arredamenti
Suppliers: Gervasi Arredi
Ligthing: LiD Design
Floors: Kerakoll Design House / Parquet Berti
Companies: Bontempi / Desalto / Twils / Menu / Bora / Flos / DeltaLight / Artemide / Gessi / Makro
/ Alice ceramiche / Caleido / Daikin
Glazier:  Vetreria Giglio
Marbles: Industria Lo Bianco marmi
Photographer: Serena Eller
Materials: Legno rovere cioccolato fondente / Laccato bianco Malè opaco / Resina beige / Marmo di Billiemi
Coverings: Marmo di Billiemi / Patina Kerakoll Design House / rovere cioccolato fondente / Laccato
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