Pokè Boll #2


A space that previously housed a bakery has been completely refurbished to create the second shop in a format with an exotic feel, while retaining a contemporary architectural language.








65 m²


Zanga s.r.l.

Pokè Boll #2 18


A linear band running along all the walls, interspersed with the Venetian-style sown stoneware floor, which rises to the height of the countertops and continues with the wallpaper, featuring brightly coloured plant decorations that reach as far as the shutters.


A single large room characterised by the presence of warm, bright colours contrasting with the light shades of the roof and floor, with exotic plants and green creepers completing the room.

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Pokè Boll #2 6
Pokè Boll #2 10


The right combination of the materials chosen has made it possible to create an exotic venue with a contemporary soul, outside the classic commercial canons.

Pokè Boll 10


The materials used are iron painted turquoise blue to cover the display counter and all the other iron furnishings; wallpaper for the walls covered with brightly coloured plant decorations; stoneware for the floors with a texture reminiscent of Venetian sown floors; white paint for the ceiling; the upholstery in the passageways and the furniture completing the preparation area are made of turquoise blue together with the perforated netting used as a partition and a shelf (a colour that echoes those already used in the wallpaper).

Pokè Boll 5
Pokè Boll 3
Pokè Boll 4
Lipari Consulting & Co


Warm, young and fresh, a tropical atmosphere that follows a contemporary and linear architectural language.

Pokè Boll #2 12
Contruction Company: MECOS.R.L.
Carpenter: Mangano Wood Design
Blacksmith: Gold Group Parisi
Lighting: LineaLight / Seletti
Materials: Gres / Ferro /
Pavimenti: Marazzi Pinch Grey
Cover: Ferro RAL 5018 / Carta parati Glamora
Furniture: Pedrali
Kitchen supplier: Concept & Design
Supplier: Cascino Palermo
Furniture supplier: ELongho Design Concept Store
Suction system: D’Arpa Impianti
Green furniture: Vivai di Lo Verso Federico
Signs: Gulino Pubblicità
Neon Signs: Tecnoriv S.r.l.
Photo: Carlo Oriente©
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